Getting laid on Sex chat rooms

Sex chat room

When joining adult chat services your goal is to eventually have sex. Now, this doesn’t mean have sex and still be by yourself, the way a lot of men rush their way through sex with a woman. And what I mean by ‘still being by yourself’ is when a guy gets in bed with a woman, then he merely uses her to get himself off, and then he leaves her feeling used and practically violated. You owe it to the woman you’re with to be in this game for the two of you, not just yourself, as I stated at the start.

Learn good sexual techniques

Turn every opportunity you get in bed with a woman into a potential learning experience. Hell, she doesn’t even have to know you’re inexperienced, as long as you ask in the right way. And, honestly, women love getting a man who may be a little unsure but is eager and willing to learn.

Something else that’s important to remember is that you must close the sale as soon as you can. If an opportunity comes up to sleep with her, you should not turn it down. Close the sale at the earliest opportunity. In the previous step, if she were to start pulling your zipper open and start going down on you, don’t even think about slowing her down. Just go with it and have a great night. It can sometimes be tempting to hold off longer once you get the hang of seduction, but it’s not smart.

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